2024 Season Pass

A Cheeseman season’s pass is way more cost-effective than purchasing daily lift tickets. Even if you want to ski other fields, as long as you plan to ski 4 or more days at Cheeseman, it’s worth your while.  

  • It’s much more affordable to participate in frequent ski trips with friends and family – freedom from concern about the cost.
  • Find more rhythm and flow with more time on the snow to refine your turns, master new techniques, and build your confidence.
  • Escape the ticket office queues – be more spontaneous and get onto that fresh powder and plush velvety groomed runs with no delays.
  • Reduce the pressure of having to ski all day to get value from a full-price day pass; enjoy more flex in your day to take time out in the cafe or the freedom to finish a little earlier.

Special perk of a Cheeseman Annual ski pass: uncrowded slopes and plenty of car parking!

Season Lift Pass

Season Lift Pass 2024 Adult Student/Senior (Senior 65+) Youth (11 – 17yrs) Child (0 – 10yrs)
Super Early Bird (1 Oct – 31 Dec) $395 $279 $199 $5
Early Bird (1 Jan – 31 Mar) $495 $349 $275 $5
Full Price: (1 Apr – 30 Sept) $695 $525 $395 $5

Note: Children 10 and under and seniors 75+ ski free. The $5 fee is just an admin fee to issue a season pass, which saves you having to collect a lift pass from the ticket office each time.

Q: Do I have to do work parties to get a Season Pass?

A: No – there’s no need to do work parties for a season pass. It’s a discount on your skiing. If you enjoy the vibe, consider joining. Adult and Student members do 2 work parties and get a Member Pass (annual ski pass) along with a host of other discounts and perks. (Seniors need only do one work party).

Q: What makes a student eligible for student rates?

A: The student category is for students aged 18 and over. Students must be full time for the year the pass is purchased for, and supply proof of full time study including EFTs/Points for the year.

How it works

  1. Buy early to get the Early Bird prices. You can pay and order online (you’ll need to upload a photo and students need to provide proof that they are a full-time student).
  2. Pick up the passes at the Ticket Office on the mountain.
  3. Securely attach your pass to your clothing so it’s visible (there’s a small hole in the card). There’s no need to line up to get a ticket at the Ticket Office.

Buy now to save a heap this winter.

You’ll have no excuses to miss out on the fresh powder days!

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Season Pass vs Lift Pass

It takes four days to pay off your Season Pass if you get Super Early Bird pricing, or just under 5 days to pay off your annual ski pass with Early Bird pricing (31st March).  See lift pass prices.

Season Pass vs Member Pass

A Season Pass is popular if you plan only to ski.  If on the other hand, you enjoy the camaraderie of like-minded adventurers in a fantastic alpine environment, and would like to spend a few weekends or a week up in Snowline, then consider becoming a member instead. As a member, you get a Member Pass, an annual ski pass which gives you unlimited skiing with no need to visit the Ticket Office each visit. You also get 30% off accommodation, lessons and a heap of other great benefits. The extra requirement is that you contribute your skills to do two work parties each year (usually before April). Work parties are usually done up the mountain (a limited number can be done in town depending on what skills you offer). As a Newbie (someone joining for the first time, having never joined before), you don’t have to do the first year’s work parties. If you’re a Newbie, please make sure you join using the Newbie Member Pass option. Kids 17 and under don’t need to do work parties and Seniors only need to do one.

Members enjoy benefits such as:

Member perks>>.


Q: What happens if it’s a terrible season? Can I get a refund on my Season Pass?

A: Unfortunately a Season Pass is non-refundable and non-transferable. You take the punt about the season in return for crazily cheap skiing. But hey – it only takes five days to pay it off on Earlybird pricing (or four on Super Earlybird) so the odds of getting more than that number days look pretty good! Get your Season Pass or Member Pass today.