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Snowline Lodge Alcohol Policy Review


A club meeting was held on Monday 16 November with around 20 club members and Committee present. The purpose of the meeting was to brief the membership on a proposed change, that the committee has been working on, to the Alcohol regime at Snowline Lodge. This will mean a change from the current BYO arrangement to a fully licensed operation during the operational winter months only.

The President welcomed members and introduced Malcolm Johnston (Selwyn District Council) and Tom Evatt, the Clubs Honorary Solicitor. Some history and background notes were presented by Cam before handing over to Malcolm to discuss the Councils perspective and give examples of other club ski areas running similar operations. Malcolm’s input was very valuable and he spent considerable time answering well thought through and generally constructive questions.

Mountain Manager, Sam Timbrell, spoke from an operational perspective and Tom Evatt gave a brief view from his perspective.

Prior to closing the meeting Members present were briefed on the submission process and where to from here with some final questions being covered off.


To Download a copy of the Notes of the Meeting 16 November CLICK HERE


Submission Process

We Want to Hear From You – Post Meeting Submissions on Snowline Lodge alcohol policy

The options:

The review by the Committee has produced 4 options for consideration ranging from status quo to a liquor ban. These options were reviewed and discussed at the meeting.

To download a summary of the options please CLICK HERE


Alcohol Policy Review Meeting Notice

When: Monday 16 November 2020

Where: Cashmere Club

Time: 7:30pm

Purpose: This meeting is a chance for members to hear the process the Committee has used to arrive at several options ahead of us. There will be a chance for members to ask questions ahead of the submission process which will be explained further at the meeting.

To download the Meeting Agenda Click Here

Further information was distributed in the 90th Annual Report and can be found on Pages 58 & 59 of that report. To download the 90th Annual Report Click Here