Winter 2022 – Operating in the Traffic Light System. For more detail please CLICK HEREĀ 

Covid-19 Operational Protocols

Winter 2022 – Operating Under the Traffic Light System

Update: 28 March 2022

With the latest round of announcements it is looking very positive for a fairly unrestricted winter season and we are confident as an industry, that we will be fully operational for the 2022 winter season under all levels of the Covid Traffic Light System. In Cheeseman’s case this will include the Ski area and Snowline Lodge.

The industry is working together as a group under the Ski Areas Association NZ (SAANZ) to develop operational guidelines / protocols that may be required and can be adopted by all ski areas across the country, including Mt Cheeseman. As government regulations and guidelines are rapidly changing it is hard to get an exact handle on where things will land by June / July but the SAANZ Health & Safety Committee is keeping abreast of the ever evolving situation and expect that come June there will be some concrete guidelines in place.

As there is further information we will share it via this page.

Thank you for your understanding and help. Lets hope for a safe and snow filled winter 2022!