Under Delta Alert Level 2 the mountain will be OPEN. To visit our COVID-19 page and protocols please CLICK HERE 

Covid-19 Operational ProtocolsDelta Level 2 – September 2021

Under Delta Level 2 our operation is a little different than usual. It is important you take note of the following Covid-19 protocols so that you, our staff and everyone else visiting the mountain, firstly has an enjoyable day, but most importantly stays safe.

Its down to everyone to play by the rules and we are placing trust in everyone to abide by them. We will be ensuring that guests are sticking to the below protocols and in some areas, if required enforcing them, as many of these requirements are non-negotiable.

What we all need to do at Delta Level 2 to stay safe at Cheeseman


Lifts & Queues

Day Lodge – Ticket Office & Cafe

Day Lodge – Rentals

Snowline Lodge & Forest Lodge


Thanks for your patience and understanding.

Sing out if you have any questions, our staff would be happy to answer or help you out.

We are all excited to be open again and are looking forward to welcoming you on the slopes.

Kia Kaha
The team at Cheeseman.