Work parties

Work parties are a great way to earn some mountain karma, swap tall stories and share some banter with like minded snow and alpine fanatics while helping to keep the club going.

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General Work party Information

  • The work party Calendar kicks off in November and your 2 work party days must be completed before the start of the next ski season. The work party season generally concludes at the end of April / early May.
  • Any in season winter work days completed (helping on events etc.) will be credited to the next summers work party requirements
  • Work party days must be a minimum of the following to receive a voucher/work party levy credit:
    • 6 hours on the mountain
    • 8 hours in town (the town hourly rate is higher as no drive time is required)

If you complete above and beyond your annual 2 day work party requirements work party vouchers will be issued for either full day or half days of work completed. Vouchers can be used for on mountain accommodation during the season.

Daily voucher rates are:

  • Adult $50
  • Student $35

Clubbies in Action Making it Happen…

About Work parties

Since 1929, our members have been pitching in to build, create and maintain our ski field and lodges for mountain lovers and winter sports fans to enjoy. These days we are a trusted partner of local landowners, forestry managers and the Selwyn District Councils. We work really hard to ensure the alpine environment we develop is built sustainably, graded accurately and are a heck of a lot of fun in the winter.

100% of the money the club generates through memberships goes straight back into the club to maintain the clubs lodges, the ski field, and develop new terrain to fill gaps in our offering. We rely heavily on our volunteer network of members who organise regular work parties and put in hundreds of hours each year to keep things running sweet.

All members over 18 years are required to complete two work party days by the end of April each year. Winter work parties are always credited to the next year unless prearranged with the Membership Administrator. There are lots of ways you can be involved, from a bit of digging and trail development to skilled and manual work, or helping out with lodges, marketing or even donating financially.

Join the Party!

Many hands make light work! We call them Work parties as we like to have fun while we do a hard day’s yakka. Work parties are also often held over a weekend so we can celebrate the successes of the day in our “batch in the mountains” before picking up the tools again the next day. Become part of the ‘Cheeseman Family”, meet and get to know a great bunch of friendly clubbies. There is no minimum commitment – come to one work party or come to them all, everyone’s support is really appreciated.

Bonus Tip: For every additional work party day you do over your minimum 2 days, you receive vouchers that can be used for accommodation and lessons during the winter season – score!

Why We Love Work parties

They are an opportunity to get to know your fellow clubbies as you work alongside each other to achieve a common goal. You get to see the mountain terrain without snow, have fun and make a difference. It’s a way of learning about what needs to be done to maintain or improve or ski area and facilities.

Your contribution helps create a personal feeling of ownership and belonging. By being part of this everyone learns to value and respect the effort that goes into making our Club what it is.