Terms & Conditions

1. Accommodation and Holiday Bookings

Bookings for holiday packages and accommodation are contingent on payment of 50% of the full amount. Full payment guarantees the booking.

Full payment
Payment in full is required 60 days prior to arrival.

If Mt Cheeseman Ski Club Inc (the Club) has to cancel the booking a full refund will be provided. All cancellations must be provided in writing and the date at which they are received will apply the following:

Young guests
Guests aged under 17 years who are not accompanied by a parent must arrange a guardian who will be present during the holiday. A letter signed by the parent and proposed guardian confirming the arrangement is required.

Children under 3 years cannot stay at Snowline Lodge during winter.

During busy times guests will be sharing a bunkroom with others (rooms have 4 to 6 bunks).

Guests provide their own sleeping bag, pillow case and towel unless linen hire has been arranged.

Guests help with light duties which may include assisting with meal preparation (at Snowline Lodge in winter), dishes, cleaning communal areas and tidying up.

Forest Lodge is self-catering.

2. Use of Lodges

Use of the Lodges is at the users’ risk. The Club will take all practicable steps to ensure that the Lodges and facilities are safe and in reasonable condition.

Users must take all reasonable care when using the Lodges and facilities. Users will adhere to instructions from staff regarding safety and communal living.

Persons mis-using the facilities or behaving in an offensive or inappropriate way will be required to leave the mountain and will not be eligible for any refunds.

Users who cause any wilful or accidental damage to buildings or plant, will be liable for paying the costs involved for replacement or repair.

3. Season Passes

Cancellation and Refunds
Season passes are non-refundable and non-transferrable from the date of the first payment under any circumstances. Where an injury, medical condition, or travel ban imposed by regulatory bodies, precludes or significantly limits ability to use the pass throughout the entire season, consideration for a refund will be at the discretion of Club management.

Refund applications for injury or medical reasons must be provided in writing and supported with a doctor’s certificate or other evidence acceptable to Club management. Club management reserves the right to obtain independent medical advice to validate any claim.

In the event the field is closed for the entire season, Mt Cheeseman Ski Club Inc (the Club) can roll your season pass over to the following winter.

4. Membership

Member passes are non-refundable and non-transferrable from the date of the first payment under any circumstances. The conditions of membership are outlined in sections 5, 6 and 7 of the Constitution of the Mount Cheeseman Ski Club Incorporated.

5. Use of Lifts and Ski Area

Users assume all risk of personal injury and property loss or damage. The pass holder uses the ski area at his/her own risk.

Lift passes must be:

The Club does not accept any responsibility for lost or torn lift passes.

If the Club is unable to provide lift services on the Main T-bar through machinery breakdown (for more than one hour) or closure of the field due to weather or unsafe conditions (for the remainder of the day) then a voucher is offered. This does not apply to closure of the Ridge T-bar.

The value of the voucher (either half-day or full-day) is determined by the time elapsed since the purchase of the ticket.

Vouchers will be valid until the end of the next winter season.

If it is unacceptable to the visitor to be issued with a voucher (e.g. if the visitor is from overseas or other parts of New Zealand where it would be difficult to return) then a refund will be paid in the same composition as the payment received.

If there is limited snow and reduced terrain available there may be reduction of lift pass prices at the discretion of the Club.

Sanctions for misconduct:
People riding lifts unsafely, putting others in danger on the slopes and/or entering closed areas will be given a verbal warning by a staff member. If this warning is not heeded then their lift pass will be marked. If the unacceptable behaviour continues then the lift pass will be revoked without refund.

Children in backpacks:
Skiing or boarding with a child in a backpack is not permitted.

6. Provision of Ski/Board Lessons

If the field closes (or other Club issues result in an incomplete lesson) within 30 minutes of the lesson starting, a voucher to be redeemed at a later date will be issued. If 30 minutes of lesson has been completed then the person is not eligible for a voucher or refund.

If it is unacceptable to be issued with a voucher then a refund will be paid in the same composition as the payment received.

If the field closes before the lesson commences then a voucher is offered or full refund given.

7. Equipment Rental

The customer agrees to use hired equipment in a fair and reasonable manner.

Hire includes insurance for damage caused by fair wear and tear but not theft, loss or damage caused by negligent or careless use.

All equipment will be inspected at the time of return. The customer will be liable for the cost of repair for damage caused by negligent or careless use.

8. Use of the Mt Cheeseman Access Road

Use of the road is at the users’ risk. The Club will take all practicable steps to ensure that the road is safe to use. There are times when all or parts of the road may be closed temporarily for road clearing or snow safety work.

The road above Middle Hut and the access road in to Forest Lodge are locked outside the ski season. Access is by arrangement with the Club.

The Club recommends where chains should be fitted. Users must adhere to these recommendations and any other road use instructions.