Mountain News

We are in full winter mode and conditions just keep getting better and better! The snow bearing weather systems keep rolling through and delivering the goods! Ski Weeks are in full swing and its been great to see all the returning faces plus a number of new ones this year. As we head into the last core month of winter (August) we hope you will make the most of the fantastic snow. A reminder also that during September we are not running any ski weeks and on mountain accommodation at Snowline Lodge will only be available on Friday & Saturday nights. From the beginning of September Forest Lodge will revert to its summer operational mode and will only be available for group / whole of lodge bookings.

Welcome To Cheeseman

Cheeseman is a friendly ski area which promotes a fun, family environment in an alpine setting. We are open to the public (you don’t need to be a member to ski here) and are the closest club ski area to Christchurch,  just 90 minutes (approximately 99km) drive away. The mountain has a sunny aspect with groomed runs and off-piste terrain catering for all abilities. It has two T-bar lifts (Main T-bar and Ridge T-bar) which provide access to the whole mountain; and a learners’ rope tow in a dedicated learners’ area. For adventurers looking for un-tracked trails and off-piste experiences, Mt Cockayne offers challenging skiing and fantastic views of the Craigieburn Range. The Ridge T-bar also offers access to the back country for day trips. Please note that there is no ski patrol beyond the ski area boundary therefore you are entirely responsible for your own safety.

Driving On Ski Field Roads

Most visitors are familiar with driving on skifield access roads but it doesn’t hurt to take the time before you leave home to make sure your chains are packed, your tyres are in good condition (and at the right pressures) and your fluid levels are all correct. We also suggest you invest in a set of good quality chains – there are many cheap chains available that are fine on flat sealed roads but just can’t handle the often steep and gravel covered ski-field access roads. When you fit your chains make sure they are well fitting, drive for a few hundred metres and then re-check them. Its a good idea to carry a few spare bungies for additional tensioning and spare chain parts if you have them. Please always fit chains as instructed by signage, staff or reports – we don’t do this to annoy you but for your safety! Always be aware of your surroundings and other vehicles on the road – downhill traffic should give way to uphill traffic. Use your gears (automatics too) when going downhill and let the engine do some of the braking, don’t rely solely on your brakes! Drive to the conditions and drive safely.