First big workparty weekend

Workparty – Helpers Needed

Our first big workparty weekend is organised for next weekend – 18th & 19th February 2012 and we are calling for as much help as possible. The task is to move a section of our mains power cable that is currently venerable to snow creep during the winter season.

Organiser Dean Johnston reports the following: “The power will be disconnected this Thursday 17th. We will hand dig one section of trench 300mm deep crossing the old Landrover track 30m long. It is too steep for a digger. Cam will also be digging up the road just beyond Middle Hut gate so we can access the cable. So there will be limited access to Snowline.

The main trench will have been dug by machine this week before the work party (300 mm deep, 150m long) along the lower part of the Landover track to Middle Hut site. The next section will 200m long but 1m deep in the “new” section of road.

We will then all lift the three cables one by one dragging up hill approximately 100m and locate adjacent the trench. With luck the cable will be just long enough to fit in the trench. The cables must be protected above and below by a flat plastic board (100mm wide by 5mm thick), we will cable tie the board strips above and below the three cables creating a sandwich. The board will be hacksawed whenever a change of direction is required. We will drill holes in the board for the cable ties

The finished sandwich is placed into the trench and back filled. The digger will be utilised wherever possible.

The lower 150m section of cables will be moved up and sideways around the spur below the road and nestled into the vegetation and anchored to new posts. We will hammer approximately 10 Waratah posts into the ground. Special clamp grips will be fitted to the cable and connected to the anchor posts.

Approximately 20 people needed. It is hoped much of the work can be completed the first weekend. Otherwise some of us will be backā€¦.. ”

For Further infomation and contact details to register you help please CLICK HERE.

There will be more workparties coming up including a Firewooding session – we will advise via E-News & Cheeseman Chat shortly.

A full update of summer happening will be out in Cheeseman E-News soon so stay tuned. Keep an eye on the website for updates as the 2012 season approaches.

The Cheeseman Team.

Published on Monday, February 13th, 2012, under News

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